Thursday, August 12, 2010

New series by Rick Riordan

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

Book 1 in The Kane Chronicles series

May 4, 2010. 516p. Disney Hyperion, hardcover $17.99, ISBN 978-142311338-6. Gr. 5-9.

By the same author who brought you Percy Jackson and the Olympians, comes a new series of complicated hieroglyphics, strange monsters, layers of worlds, and dark Egyptian magic. A recommended read for lovers of fantasy and magic fiction, this tale takes the reader on a quest for the Red Pyramid that spans the globe and beyond into worlds that lay below the Earth’s surface. Join brother and sister duo, Carter and Sadie Kane, as they team up to tackle a whole netherworld of gods and goddesses, demons and monsters.

By joining two magical families, Carter and Sadie’s parents created the strongest generation of Kanes in millennium. Separated after their mom’s death six years ago, Carter and Sadie hardly know each other. But after their father disappears in a strange summoning ritual, they are forced to trust total strangers, and each other. After discovering they carry the blood of pharaohs they must face all the danger and expectations that entails. Readers will love the mystery and expense, the magic and the monsters Riordan creates in this new series. A different take on first person narrative, Carter and Sadie take turns dictating the book for audio preservation. Their typical teasing sibling behavior adds a dimension to the narration that is fun and unique. With characters young readers will want to befriend, realistic relationships, and a twisting plot that employs ancient and dark Egyptian magic young adult readers will find their hearts racing and imagination on fire. Even though the book is lengthy, readers will be wanting more as the book ends.