Saturday, April 10, 2010

Full Tilt book trailer

Click here to view the book trailer for Full Tilt

a book trailer about a book by Neal Shusterman.

Neal was at Storybook Garden in Weslaco in March. Before his book signing, I checked out Full Tilt from Mary Hoge Middle School's library (thanks, Cynthia!) and loved it! So I took my daughters to the book signing and even though we didn't stay for very long, we loved hearing an author read his own material. I bought his book, Unwind, and I bought for Eleanor, The Schwa Was Here. We left them behind the counter, and Neal signed both of them for us; I picked them up the next morning. I loved Unwind, even more than Full Tilt, but I haven't read Eleanor's book yet. I think one of his books is being made into a movie, but not sure which one, maybe Everwild.
If you are looking for a new reading material, check out some of Neal's science fiction for young adult books, I think you will enjoy them!

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