Sunday, May 16, 2010

A fun series by Meg Cabot. the Airhead Series

Runaway (Airhead)AirheadBeing Nikki (Airhead)

Airhead Series by Meg Cabot: book 1 Airhead, book 2 Being Nikki, book 3 Runaway

The smart, witty, and kind of frumpy Emerson becomes part of a mysterious plot when a enormous plasma flat screen TV falls on her and she is declared brain dead.  This is just the beginning of Emerson's new life as the famous supermodel Nikki Reed, into whose body her perfectly good brain has just been transplanted.  Not only can Em not tell her best friend (and love of her life) that it's really her inside Nikki's body, but she has to pretend to be Nikki with all the good and bad that entails. Em/Nikki uncovers some dangerous details as she lives Nikki's life, makes some new friends, and learns to even like modeling.  Enjoy the fun, excitment, and frustration as Em discovers how to be Nikki.

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