Thursday, September 20, 2012

Picture books for...well, everthing!

Looking to use a picture book to teach courtesy? Maybe alliteration?  These librarian approved resources are just the place to look to use pictures books to teach...everything!

Port Washington Public Library graphic
Betty Buenning's Picture This
Jana Starnes' Picture This!
Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site
Nancy Keane's Picture Books To Teach Elements of Fiction
Shutta Crum's Using Picture Books to Teach Literary Techniques
Keith Schoch's Teach with Picture Books
and lastly
LibraryThing which you need to join to get the best perks.

Have fun, and remember, students are never too old to enjoy the amusements and benefits of a great Picture Book!

These resources are thanks to the many contributors of the much used LM_NET, the School Library Media & Network Connections.  If you are a librarian and/or teacher, this resource is invaluable. Here is the information, if you would like to join the listserv:
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