Thursday, September 13, 2012

QR Codes are Cool!

I just created a couple QR codes for my students/parents so they can download my contact information, even this Blog web address was included! 
I created one with an image embedded in it (a stack of books, of course!) and one in my favorite shade of green (Granny Smith) without an image.

So super cool!  All students need to do is use their smartphone to scan the code and voila!, the contact info shows up and can be saved into their Contacts.  They can download a FREE "QR Code Reader" App from their smartphone applications market in order to scan QR codes from their phones.

What a great way to use 21st Century technology and get info out to students and parents! 
These are the websites I used:  for creating one with an image, and for ones without an image in them
Start creating your own QR codes today!

Check out this QR code with my Twitter account on it.  You can even scan it right from the computer screen.

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